I found this old Comet kit (Aeronca Chief) in the attic of a house I demolished several years ago. After completing my CNC router, and having built and flown the electric C-130 it was time to build the Aeronca and convert it too electric power. Don't know just how old the kit is, but the parts sheets are not die cut. As you can see there is some water damage to the box, but not the contents. Paper mites have eaten on the plans but they are still very readable. I wanted to preserve the kit, so every part was copied. The part sheets were scanned and the image file imported into a cad program. My scanner is not big enoug to scan the plan, so I manually redrew in cad and printed on my 36 inch plotter. Each part was traced and saved in cad dfx file format. The dfx file was then loaded into DeskCNC which runs my CNC machine.

Futaba Tx, GWS Micro 4 channel receiver, 2 Cirrus CS-20 servo's, motor, GWS "B" with 10-4 prop using a 2 cell 850ma Li-ploy battery.Finished weight 10.7 oz.Wing span 54 inches.

I would like to see pictures of the seats. All I could find on the internet was pictures of the dash. If someone would like to pass some along Thanks.


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