This is a Bob Campbell design. I started out to build a 24 x 24 inch router. When I finished I ended up with an x of 28.5 and y of 26. The Z axis has 8 inches of travel but only 5 in of clearance between table and support plate. I could redrill that plate and gain over 2 more inches, but will save that until it is necessary. The motors are 400 oz. driven by 201 Geckodrives. At present I have a mounting plate for a Dremel tool and a Ryobi trim router. I am now using Mach4 software and Ethernet smooth stepper with C11g breakout board,purchased fromAutomationtechnologies inc, My cad program is IntelliCad 6 Pro from Autodsys.

In 2013 I added a Taig motor and spindle whitch utilizes ER-16 collets.Max rpm's almost 10,000, runs much quiter than a trim router and a lot more sturdy than Dremel style tools.

I have had several request on where to find the aluinumn extrusions. So here are links to some suppliers.

  • Modular T-Slotted Aluminum Framing System
  • MSCalso sells a product called Parframe. Same thing.

  • E-Mail: g l d (at) g l d p a g e s (dot) c o m