MY Number Two Engine

My compressor wheel is 3 inch OD, so 3 X 1.7 = 5.10 inches. The only filter I could fine close to that dimension is 4.815 ID. I probably should have found one closer to the 5.1, but I didnít.

A new one-piece shaft was also made for the larger 688 steel bearings. Threads are left hand. Can you tell, itís been tooooooo hot.

A rear stick combustion chamber was constructed. Thatís when I made the dies to press the rear flange. I could not master the art of spinning stainless, although I did spin some aluminum in high school. But that was 45 years ago. Oops!! Now you know how old I am.

I found a schematic for simple electronic speed controller on the Internet. This was built to run my Kavan fuel pump to supply Diesel to the turbine. As you can see, there is also nozzles for propane pre heat.

  The same intake cone is used on a new front cover with an o-ring seal.

The case is from a hydraulic oil filter. Fuel nozzles are the same 1/32 brass tubing, with the end braded down with a hammer and drilled out to .025.

The first attempt at starting this engine also failed. I had yellow flame about 5 feet long out the back end, and diesel fuel running on the floor. I immediately shut off the fuel pump and kept the air going to cool it down, but it kept getting hotter and hotter. There were red-hot chunks flying out the rear. Ouch!!!! Whatís going on here???? Well dumb me, I forgot to shut of the dam propane off!!!!! SHIT. The chunks was the phenolic bearing cage. Only had 2- 608ís on hand, so had to order more from BOCA Bearing.

AK the new bearings arrived. They were out of stock on the phenolic cage, so they sent plastic. They assured me plastic would stand the heat. Not the way I startíem. HA! The second attempt resulted in exactly the same scenario. SHIT SHIT!!! I FORGOT TOOOOOO SHUT THE DAM PROPANE OFF AGAIN!!!!!!! Talk about HOT. Melted the plastic cage and the brass oil tube leading to the rear bearing. Just to much fuel getting in there. On disassembly, I see raw fuel in the diffuser wedges. Aw- hawÖ.My fuel fittings are leaking at the front cover. Some silicone on next assembly should cure that problem.

Even if this engine doesnít run, itís been a fun and learning experience. I was notified today (July 03, 2001) that the NGV and turbine wheel I ordered from JD Enterprise has been shipped. With the knowledge I have gained from reading about Paul Jackson fixing Clive Longstaff Engine, I should have no trouble making the next one run. THANKS PAUL and CLIVE.

By the way, the next one will be built to exact drawing specs.