CNC Foam Cutter

My foamcutter is a La Rustica mounted on a 4' by 3' piece of particle board 1-1/8 inch thick. Legs are 1.250" pipe. X-910mm(35.8 inches) Y-545mm(21.45 inches).

The screws are 1/4" 3 start 5 turns per inch.Max speed 12.7mm.Most cuts around 3-6mm. Y screw is 42" long and I have no problum with whipping.

I also have a table 2 feet wide by 4' long for cutting tapers.

The screws came from here

It's hard to see but in the corner of the aluminum box is a length 1/4 in aluminum channel which is used as a dust cover for the horizontal screw.

I was making Christmas decorations when this picture was taken.

The lead weights help stablize the Y axis carriage. The black box is a Hobby CNC controler and the black knob is a Vari-ac I use to power the bow.The bow is made of 1/2 inch aluminum channel.

Plans and software are avaible here.

Interface board and stepper motors here.

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